Colour Fading

Colour fading? Top tips for protecting your colour at home 

Do you stand in front of the myriad of shampoo and conditioner bottles feeling dizzy at the choice? Never fear, we feel your pain! That’s why we’ve tested truckloads of the shampoos and conditioners on the market so we can present our top picks to keep you looking salon-fresh long after your appointment.                                                               

Best for blondes

Keeping the cooler tone to your blonde can be difficult without going into your salon for regular toners. For DIY we recommend Redken Silver Charge Shampoo, Juuce Love Silver Violet or the Blonde Idol Customizable Toning Conditioner. The violet pigment neutralises the warmer yellow tones, keeping your tone cool and fresh.

Best for long lasting

Redken Colour Extend, Extreme, or Blonde Idol. While all Redken shampoos are colour safe, these ones are made specifically to extend the life of your colour.  

Best treatment

Leave in treatments put protein back into your hair and keep it strong and healthy, and Redken Extreme Anti-Snap wins this title hands down. It leaves the hair stronger, soft to touch, and has the most heat protection in the Redken range.  

Best all rounder

The entire Pureology range is made specifically for coloured care. It has a huge variety, from volume enhancing through to sulfate free, so you’re bound to find your perfect match.


Tell us what’s doing your head in at your next visit and we’ll help you find out which shampoo and conditioner is best for you. Call 07 575 6029 or email us at