Hair Myths

We’re busting them!

If you’ve heard stories about conditioner being a farce or that hair grows slower in winter - you might have had the wool pulled over your eyes! Today the Mount Maunganui En Jay hairdressing team busts five hair myths - so you know the truth and nothing but the truth!

#1: Bleach disappears when you colour over it.

False! Bleach is permanent. When you colour over it, the bleach is still sitting under your hair colour because bleach never washes out. The only way to get rid of bleach is to cut it out.

#2: Using clippers makes your hair grow thicker and faster.

False! Your hair will grow from the same follicle, the way it’s cut can make it appear thicker but it doesn’t alter the texture of your hair. Your hair grows at its own rate no matter how it’s cut. We have products at En Jay to make your hair appear thicker (shop now for Redken’s Extreme Length Primer or the High Rise collection) and products that support hair growth (check out the Cerafill range, which encourages hair growth by awakening the sleeping hair follicles).

#3: Hair grows faster in summer and slower in winter.

Not true. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, it has nothing to do with the weather.

#4: You don’t need conditioner, shampoo does the trick.

Sorry everyone, false! We all need conditioner. It seals the cuticle down again after we shampoo the hair. If you feel like your hair is too greasy you might be using a conditioner that is too heavy or not suitable for your hair type, so also avoid conditioning the scalp and roots and focus mainly on the mid-lengths and ends, or talk to us for more info.

#5: Split ends can be cured with product.

Unfortunately this is a myth! There are products such as Redken’s Extreme Length Sealer (a split end treatment that revives distressed ends and breakage) which can be bought in the En Jay salon, but the only way to completely get rid of split ends is to cut them off.

We’re experts in hairdressing and hair care so we’re always happy to offer advice, inspiration, tips and clear up anything you’re not sure about when it comes to hair! Head into our Mount Maunganui salon on the Cruisedeck, give us a call on 07 575 6029 or email us.