New cut = New you

Our three favourite haircuts for Spring

Feeling ‘meh’ about your mop? Confused by your cut? Frazzled by your fringe?

If you’re more ‘lead feet’ than ‘spring in your step’ with the season switch, could it be time for a change?

Yes, no or maybe-so, there’s no harm in reading our recommendations for cuts and colours and giving the idea some thought. Whatever state your hair is in at the moment, we can help you decide the next creative step so you’re feeling confident with your hair every day of the week.

First up, our favourite cuts (we’ll share our favourite colours later in the month!).

#1 Favourite Cut: Grown Out Pixie

“The grown out pixie cut is such an easy, textured look that requires effortless styling. It could be that you want to grow your hair out from a pixie to get this look or book in with us to create it if you’re wanting to go shorter for Spring,” says En Jay’s senior stylist Codey, who recommends this look for oval, soft bone structured faces.. “Something that’s also rocking is sneaky undercuts at the sides. Could be a cool way to spice up this haircut for a different look.”

To style this look try Redken Powder Grip for a grungy feel or Wax Blast for a textured but still soft look.

It’s easy to look after but we recommend a trim all over and texture put back into it every six weeks.

#2 Favourite Cut: Blunt Lob

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blunt lob,” says Codey. “It’s trendy, it’s easy, it’s effortless!”

The blunt lob, perfect for busy mums, allows you to enjoy a textured, layered look without actually adding texture in the hair.

“It looks choppy and grungy because the ends are already blunt,” she says. “This look suits all face shapes. It creates a slim look for round faces and enhances features on all other face shapes.”

Styling this look is easy, just wash and wear - whether it’s sleek, straight or curly.

Give it a point of difference with an itty-bitty fringe. Textured or blunt, it’s a cute way to jazz up your hair.

#3 Favourite Cut: Layered Curls

Spring is the perfect time to get your curls conditioned and hydrated before the heat of summer hits.

“I love layered curls because for curly haired people it reduces bulk in the hair and adds texture to their curls,” says Codey. “It makes curly hair look skinny, if that’s a thing!”

To maintain this look, wet your hair daily to reform your beautiful curls (a quick morning shower does the trick!) and use the Curvaceous range for added moisture, control, shine and to combat the effects of humidity!

This is a low maintenance cut because the layers grow out with it. If you have dry curly hair, it’s best to come into the salon for a regular trim to keep it looking healthy.

Long locks? There’s a creative cut that will work for you. Short hair? We can discuss a ‘future look’ and work towards it together (without too many nasty grow out phases!).

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