When Nicky returned to Tauranga after working in London, Edinburgh and Sydney, she couldn’t find the perfect salon to work in. So, what did the experienced, driven hairdresser do? She opened her own.

“I wanted a small space but with all the opportunities of a large salon,” says Nicky, listing a strong team, a focus on training, a great hair product line, and ‘a unique experience’ as her must-haves.

Twenty-eight years in the business and Nicky is going from strength to strength. Her passion for nurturing young talent has seen her maintain a great team dynamic at En Jay.

“We work on our team values in the salon and it really sets the culture. We spend a lot of time together, so getting the right mix is very important.”

Does looking after her hair fit into her busy schedule? Nicky admits that being a Mum and a business-owner means practicality comes first, so a five-minute hairdo is her go-to.

“I had lots of change with my hairstyles years ago, now it’s all about what works and what’s easy. Time is something you don't have much of as a mum!”

Spending time with her family is Nicky’s number one priority in those precious few moments away from work. Nicky credits her husband Mark and three-year-old daughter Chloe for giving her a healthy work-life balance.

“Having Chloe was the best thing to happen to me. Since having her I am definitely more relaxed in the way I approach my business,” she says. “I love being at home, it’s when I can completely switch off and relax.”

When she’s not at the salon or with her family, you’ll find Nicky in the backyard.

“I love gardening, I find it very therapeutic.”


Take advantage of Nicky’s wealth of experience (and ask for her garden tips) when you book in for your next appointment. Not been to us before? Grab a complimentary consultation by calling 07 575 6029.