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Pretty in pink - do you dare?

As the days get longer and the jackets get lighter, summer all of a sudden feels just around the corner. And what a better way to celebrate the warmer weather than mixing up your style.

Dusty rose golds, pearlescent tones and bayalage pastel pinks have been a huge hit this year and all look amazing out in the sunshine. Very light, pale blonde hair has the best result with pink tones so if this isn’t you it may require two appointments but it’s worth it! Read on to find out which pink is for you!

Full commitment

A rich, bright pink is sure to make a statement - perfectly timed with the blossoms in full bloom this spring. 

Almost there

Redken City Beats semi-permanent colouring cream is a great option, and with twelve different hues you can try before you buy. Chelsea Coral and City Ballet Pink look incredible on pale blonde hair, but they also have a variety of blues and greens should you want to give that a go too!

Half and half

Blonde to pink balayage is big on the scene and frames the face with a beautifully soft ethereal look. It also looks completely different on you than anybody else because colour placement is tailored to your hair.

Testing the waters

For a lighter touch, the Juuce Love range has different colours of conditioners, so you can play with tone without the commitment. Dusky Rose is the favourite! As they don’t stain the hair, it will fade out reasonably quickly when you stop using it. Perfect if you change your mind or only want it for a short period of time.

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