Spring Inspiration

Three Spring-inspired hair colours you’ll find hard to resist

If there’s a sure-fire way to make your hair ‘pop’ out of winter hibernation, it’s with an injection of colour.

Are you best to go darker, lighter, mix it up….? If spending hours on Pinterest isn’t helping you decide, read what our En Jay senior stylist and colour-fan, Codey, recommends as the hottest colour looks for warmer weather and how to keep them popping for longer.

#1 Favourite Colour: I See Red!

“I am really loving red - all kinds of red and coppers this season,” says Codey. “Whether it’s a full colour or a copper balayage, it’s such a vibrant rich warm colour!”

This colour is medium to high maintenance but it’s so worth it! Just shampoo and condition with the Colour Extend Magnetics range to keep it shiny and colour-strong.

Red suits most people with a pale to olive complexion - the more freckles the better!

#2 Favourite Colour: Root Beer (rich brown with red/copper highlights)

“This is a warm, rich colour that you can apply in a range of ways,” says Codey. “You could add a pop of red or copper through a rich brown, or have the red or copper colour through the top of your hair so it’s more visible.”

This colour suits people with a tanned complexion. Red or copper highlights won’t be your friend if you’re prone to redness in the face because they’ll just accentuate the redness.

To keep the colour long-lasting and shiny, use our Redken Colour Extend Magnetics shampoo and conditioner.

#3 Favourite Colour: Goldilocks

Looking for a warm but deep colour this Spring? Go bold with gold.

“I’m currently rocking darker roots with gold ends, the Ombré look, and it suits me better than light blonde because of my skin tone and eye colour,” says Codey. “We’ll always take into account your skin tone and eye colour before finding the perfect hair colour for you.”

It’s low maintenance because gold stays in the hair really well. All you need to do to keep the shine is use Redken Colour Extend Magnetics shampoo and conditioner and pop in for a nice gloss treatment every six weeks.

Need one of these three fabulous colours in your life? Give us a bell on 07 575 6029 or bookings@enjay.co.nz to book in for a consult or appointment.