Thinking of getting highlights?

Entertaining the idea of highlights? You won’t regret it! Lower maintenance than block colour, highlights are a striking way to profile your natural features. Best of all, they look great on any hair type or colour. So, what’s the best option for you - foils or balayage? Read on to find out.

Foils or balayage?

The two most common highlighting techniques are foil and freehand, also known as balayage. What will work best for your hair depends on you do your hair each day, how often you like to get your hair done, your type of hair and skin tone.

Why choose foils?

Foils trap heat in so can result in a lighter colour, and because they don’t quite touch the scalp this can result in a subtle shadow root. If you do have straight hair just make sure your stylist paints fine sections to stop any stripey effect. No zebras around here!

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What about balayage?

Designed to look like the sun has naturally bleached your tips, you can go as subtle or bright as you like whilst keeping the roots darker or natural.

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If you were on the fence about highlights, we hope you’re convinced now!

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