The best five-minute treatments to improve your hair 

Dry? Coloured? Limp? Whatever your hair challenges, we’ve got some quick yet effective treatments that will have you back out into the world looking and feeling great. If you’re not sure which one’s for you, don’t stress, here’s everything you need to know to make the right decision for your hair.

1. My hair is dry or brittle 

All Soft Shot Phase (5 minutes) is the one for you, replenishing your hair’s moisture and using Argan Oil to deliver luxurious softness. 

Perfect for… When the elements have taken a toll on your hair - great after a long winter, or lots of time in the ocean.

2.  Too much colouring has left my hair weak or distressed

Extreme Shot Phase (5 minutes) contains concentrated protein that helps reinforce the internal fibre. Which basically means a super-boost of goodness that strengthens your hair!

Perfect for… When you start getting split ends and hair begins to break off.

3. My colour looked great in the salon but now it’s fading 

Colour Extend Shot Phase (5 minutes) protects the hair against fading and helps strengthen the condition of the hair. 

Perfect for… When you’ve had a great colour done and want to keep it looking vibrant for longer.

4. My hair is limp, fine or flat 

The Volume Shot Phase (5 minutes) gives your hair just that - volume!

Perfect for…  When your hair is looking a little sad  and needs some body injected into it. 

5. My hair is dull, frizzy, dry AND damaged! 

Heat Cure is a 45 minute professional restoration treatment, healing 10 years of damage in one visit. You’ll also take home a set of treatments to maintain your hair in between salon visits. 

Perfect for… When your hair is looking tired or distressed and needs a complete lift.

6. I need something heavy duty - I’ve overdone it on the colouring and now my hair is in a state!

pH Bonder is the perfect treatment to improve strength, shine and softness. The first step takes place while the colour is processing, then the hair fibre is restored once the colour is rinsed.

Perfect for…. If you regularly colour your hair, especially if you dye your hair a contrasting shade to your natural colour. 

Need something a bit stronger? 

A 10-minute Redken Mega Mask can be added onto any of the above treatments, doubling as both a treatment and a care extender. The Mega Masks come in Extreme, All Soft and Colour Extend.

The photos below show the dramatic difference before and after the treatment, both women had the 15 minute All Soft Deluxe treatment (Shot Phase and Mega Mask):           

Best of all, the Redken Mega Masks can be purchased online[1] and used in your home haircare regime, so you can give your hair that extra lift anywhere, anytime!

We’d love to give your hair the boost it needs, so book in the treatment for you by calling 07 575 6029 or email us at: