When you get your hair coloured we recommend getting a Redken Shot treatment to replenish any protein and/or moisture loss that happens during the colour service.  It is a professional strength treatment that is designed to heal the hair on a level deeper than just the surface of the hair like a conditioner would touch.

Your hair’s ability to hold colour is directly tied to your hairs condition. If your hair is dry damaged or porous, it’s important to manage that first, and through out any colour services you receive.  We have in salon and take home treatments that we can recommend to you to help with this process.

All Redken shampoo and conditioner is colour safe, meaning it won’t strip your colour, however their Colour Extend shampoo and conditioner is designed specifically to prolong your colour longer by keeping the cuticle of the hair sealed and nourished.

Protecting your hair from thermal damage is important as well so your hair’s condition isn’t compromised and affecting it’s ability to respond to colour services.

Rinsing your hair with cooler water helps prevent colour fading.

Covering your hair while you are in direct sunlight.

*Avoid exposing your hair to Chlorine.

*See your stylist every 4-8 weeks to keep your colour refreshed and properly maintained.

*Get regular maintenance haircuts, for as your ends become split and porous they will lose their ability to hold colour.