We recommend a maintenance haircut every 6-8 weeks to remove split ends and keep your style easy to manage

Use a professional shampoo and conditioner from a salon that is appropriate to your hair type and condition.

Using a wide tooth comb to work your conditioner through your hair in the shower helps make sure you fully saturate your hair without using more product.

Select a leave in product that ensures your ends are getting the protein and the moisture they need that shampoo and conditioner can’t deliver on its own.

Use a thermal protection product every time you expose your hair to heat to ensure your hair doesn’t become dry and brittle resulting in breakage.

Deep condition your hair on average once every 7 shampoos.

Cut down the amount you shampoo your hair by using Pillow Proof 2 Day Extender, which is a dry shampoo that removes excess oil and product build up.

If you are a swimmer, we recommend using Hair Cleansing Cream to remove any chlorine or salt from the hair.  If left on the hair, over time they can cause the hair to be very dry, and unmanageable.  If you fully saturate your hair with water and Argan Oil before you swim, your hair will soak up less chlorine and salt.